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I am an architect who is committed to delivering an extraordinary experience. My clients trust me to provide the home they want to love and live in, one that is a reflection of their life and their lifestyle.  Building or remodeling a home can be a delightful, creative experience. Or not. Choosing the right design professional and understanding the process – from the first sketch to entry into your finished home – can make the difference.

Some architects have a strong design process, with little room for client interaction. Others, like me, encourage a collaborative effort with their client. I will use all the experience I have gained over the last 28 years to design a home that fits not only your needs but your passion for life. 

 I am committed to making sure that the whole experience – not just your work with me, but the whole experience – is something you will enjoy.  Will there be challenges along the way? - yes.  But together we will anticipate most and overcome all of them.

Once you discover how we can make this process pleasant and enriching every step of the way, you will know the possibility of creating a home that is a joy to live in and a process that is genuinely satisfying.  

Mike Smith


Mike’s professional architectural experience includes custom homes, residential additions, commercial building, new office space, and medical facilities including pharmacies and assisted living centers.

Throughout the Central California area, Mike’s residential and commercial clients have appreciated his insight and forethought with every project, large and small. Mike is also a contributor to Architect’s Digital Workshop website.

As an Owner/Builder, I have worked with many architects before, but I have not met someone with more enthusiasm than Mike. I have completed three projects with Mike and he has exceeded all my expectations. I can’t say enough about him. If you are looking for an architect…do yourself a favor and choose Mike Smith.

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