For nearly 25 years, Mike Smith has worked with hundreds of clients, providing architectural design for residential and commercial sites. From patio awnings, residential remodels, custom homes to multistory office buildings, Mike has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and problem-solving skills that serves clients with cost and time-saving strategies and a final product that meets the original vision, whatever that may be.

Mike’s professional architectural experience includes custom homes, residential additions, commercial building, new office space, and medical facilities including pharmacies and assisted living centers. Throughout the Central California area, Mike’s residential and commercial clients have appreciated his insight and forethought with every project, large and small. Mike is also a contributor to Architect’s Digital Workshop website.

Creating a building from the ground-up or remodeling a home you love is a big, complicated process. Mike’s experience, love for what he does, and exceptional professionalism leave both residential and commercial architecture clients completely satisfied and often impressed with their final results.

Architectural Services

Mike provides a full range of residential architectural design services for new custom homes and residential remodels and additions. He has a wide variety of design styles that can blend with the client’s vision for their residential project.
Commercial Architects – Mike started his career converting Safeway Supermarkets into Orchard Supply Hardware Stores. He has a vast experience in the commercial arena. From new commercial building to Commercial remodels, Mike, has done it all. He is efficient and can meet any deadline.
Mike has worked on a variety of tenant improvement projects, from little 250sf project up to 30,000sf. He can meet your needs for space planning and design.
Custom Home Floor Plans are just one part of a construction set of plans. However, frequently clients start and stop at the floor plans for their custom home. Whether you use an architect, designer or just want to do it yourself, it is good to know where to start and why is the end point.
When you design your own house, there are lots of details to think about. There are so many that homeowners miss design opportunities. There are so many that even architects & contractors sometimes miss opportunities. I know I missed more than a few in my early years. I like to think that after designing homes for 25 years there are a few things I can tell you when you design your own home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you design your own home.

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