Michael Smith Architect Podcast, Episode #3.  You can find the latest episode of our podcast on iTunes.  Here are the show notes from the show.
Episode #3 Show Notes
Opening Greeting:

  • Hi and welcome to MSA Podcast Episode #3.Today we are going to looking at the changes that have been made to California’s ADU Law and how that is impacting San Luis Obispo County or any county in California.
  • We will review a current project I am working on a d the lessons learned
  • Client’s Questions

Current Events in Design & Building

  • ADUs in California
  • ADUs in SLO County
  • ADU Live Event

Here is the Link for ADU Summary of SLO COunty’s ADU Ordinance
Project experience
New procedures at SLO County on existing structures on your property.  Paso Robles Remodel
Client Question
Do I need an architect?  
No, you don’t!!  What are you saying Mike – you’re an architect.  A draftsman working with a structural engineer can design and prepare plans for a permit.  Do I think that is the smartest idea?  Of course not.
30 years of experience, hundreds of situation and clients.  I stamp my plans – I am liable for those plans.
Looking Ahead

  • Continue to stay on top of the ADU Ordinance
  • Interview with a contractor