blueprints for your new homeAs a Residential Architect, I know how you feel as you are going to your first meeting.  I feel the same way each time I head for my initial consultation with a potential new client.  A sense of excitement, some anticipation, and a little fear.

I have lofty goals for your meeting.  Obviously, I want to get the job redesigning your home, but I also want to start you down the path to the best possible experience for your home remodeling project.

Start the Experience Off RIght

I have heard many stories from homeowners who have had a miserable experience remodeling their home with a Residential Architect.  It can be for any number of factors: budget, lofty design ideas, contractor-architect relationship, and others. That is why I want this first meeting to be the best experience I can make for you.  I want your experience to be the exception to the rule.

That doesn’t mean it is all butterflies and rainbows.  I will listen to your ideas for your home. Your ideas may be big and occasionally they are small, but they are filled with hopes and dreams for your beloved home.  My initial job is to scare you. What?! Yes, I will scare you. You are embarking on a very expensive journey.

How Much Does It Cost?

A journey that will take a lot of time and money.  I want to make sure you understand all the aspects of the initial process before we even start on the project.  The question of cost comes and I pull no punches. It will cost more and take longer than they think it will. But that cost can’t be nailed down at this first meeting.  A general number is about the best I can do and it will be conservative (aka high). I do not want you as the homeowner to be comfy with a number and we find out months later that it is twice or three times the initial estimates.

After discussing rough estimates of their project just stare back at me with a very puzzled look.  How could their small home remodeling project cost so much when I saw the same thing on TV for half that price.  I have to explain that is reality TV and we live in California. A great, but expensive place to live and work.

After the initial shock, the conversation will come back to the design ideas.  I will have many options and alternatives that we can explore during the design process to reduce the cost of the project.  But the costs won’t be final until we have a contractor on board to provide pricing. I can give guidance, but I am not the one swinging the hammer and pricing residential remodels every day.

Time To Get Started

So as I pack up my notes to leave, I know this meeting has not gone as the homeowner may have thought it would.  But I feel good that I have educated and armed another homeowner on what lies ahead for their life and home. Whether I get the opportunity to help you with your home remodeling project or no I know you will be better informed about the whole process.

Are you looking for a Residential Architect for your next home remodeling project?  Call me for your complimentary initial consultation. Just for calling, I will send you a free copy of my #1 Best Selling Book: How To Avoid Home Remodeling Hell.